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The song list page can by found by clicking the “Songs” item in the “Music” menu at the top of the home page.  You’ll start with  a list of songs and you can refine your search in many different ways.  Check some of them out in the illustration below.

song list page
Annotated snapshot of the mail song list page.
  1. Dance Menu: The dance menu will drop down to show all of the dance styles that we have cataloged. Clicking on any of the dances will filter the list to just those songs that can be danced to that style. You can also see a list of dance styles on our dances page.
  2. Text Search: Type the name of an artist or title of a song or a tag (like musical genre) here, click the search button to the right and get a list of the songs that include those words in the title, artist or tags.
  3. Advanced Search: Clicking on this button will take you to the advanced search page where you will find more options, including the ability to filter on a specific tempo range, limit your search to just songs that are linked to a particular streaming or purchase service (ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Groove), and do more sophisticated filtering based on dance style and tags.  For more information, see the Advanced Search topic.
  4. Play/Buy Buttons: The play buttons will open a menu of the different places where you can listen to all or part of a song and purchase the song. Please note that you must turn off pop-up blockers for this to work correctly and each service has a different set of questions that it will ask you before you get to actually playing the song. This is much smoother the second time you use any particular service.
  5. Song Title, Artist and Tempo: Click on the “Title”, “Artist” or “Tempo” column headers to sort the current list by song title or artist name, clicking again on the same header will sort in the other direction. Clicking on any song title will take you to a page with additional details about the song. Clicking on an Artist’s name will take you to a list of songs by that artist.  Dances: Clicking on the Dances column will sort the songs by popularity. Each dance tag includes a popularity rating shown on how “filled up” the musical note is next to the dance name.
  6. Dance Popover: Clicking on any of the dance tags will open up a ‘popover’ with more info – clicking again on the same tag will close the ‘popover’. The popover always contains two links, one that will take you to the dance page for that dance style that includes a description the dance style, a top ten list and more. Dance names with an asterisk next to them have additional tags on the association between the song and the dance style.
  7. Tags Header: The tag header lists the tags that are included and excluded in your current search. Clicking on the ‘x’ in the header tag will remove it from the filter.
  8. Tags: Each song has a list of tags associated with the song. See the Tag Definitions and Tag Filtering sections for information on how to use tags.
  9. Spotify Control: Click on the “Show Spotify Player” button and your should see a Spotify player.  If you have the Spotify Player installed, this control will play all of the songs in the current list that are linked to spotify tracks.

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