Code and Libraries is built with mvc core using Twitter Bootstrap and Bootstrap Vue for the presentation layer, SQL Azure and Entity Framework for the database and vue.js, jQuery and knockoutjs as the primary front end libraries.

The site uses Azure Cognitive Search for managing and searching the core music database.

The site is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

The cookie consent control was created by silktide insites

The browser update notification is supplied by


The music4dance logo and assistance with some colors and other design components was provided by Polly Payne of Delacata Design.

The dancer silhouettes were created by Dmitry Skvorcov: © Dmiskv | - Silhouettes Of The Pairs Dancing Photo

Many of the icons on the site are provided via the twitter bootstrap inclusion of Glyphicons

We are in the process of moving the site from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 4 pages are using Font Awesome for its general icon library.

The specific tag icons (shoes, note, drum, and tag) are from


Much deep knowledge of Ballroom Dancing and how music relates to partner dancing has been provided over the years by Rhett Powers and Shona Baily of Powers Ballroom Studio.